Changing Hybrid Batteries Safely

Dave explains safety precautions and the PPE necessary to safely change out Hybrid Batteries. The batteries and the PPE are all available at

Torque Converter Basics

Dave explains the history of torque converters and a brief overview of how a torque converter works and how a torque converter can fail. Dave also showcases the brands and models available at

The Complete Transmission Lookup Tool

With the Complete Transmission Lookup Tool, you can look up your transmission and find the drop-in replacement for your repair.

Find it at

RAP2 Kit video thumb

The RAP2 Kit from Drew Tech and Transtar

Kevin and Patrick discuss how your shop can benefit from using the RAP 2 Kit to assist with programming updates, freeing up your technicians to work on other jobs.

Learn more at

transend Differential Lookup Tool

Try Out the transend Differential Lookup Tool Today!

The transend Differential Lookup Tool allows you to find the specific differential and driveline parts for the vehicle you are working on.

transend Parts Ordering and Shop Management Tool

Dave and Patrick discuss the many benefits of using not only as a transmission parts lookup and ordering tool, but also as an all-in-one shop management tool.

Using Templates on transend

Watch for a promo code you can use in the video to use towards your next purchase.

Use templates on transend to save parts for a specific order and check out when you’re ready.

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