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Choosing the Right Converter Hub

Dave is here today to tell you why choosing the right converter hub can make the difference between a successful repair and one that will end up coming back. Find parts and more at

Tip for Finding Transmission Leaks

Dave talks about a trick he learned a while back on how a common household item can be used to accurately find where your transmission is leaking from, saving you time and money. Visit us at htttps:// or

Search Transmissions by Diagram

Search for the transmission parts you need by looking at a detailed diagram of the transmission you are working on by selecting the “By Diagram” at

The Quick Add Feature on transend

The Quick Add feature on transend allows to you add items to your cart that you buy more frequently simply by typing in the part number. Check it out at

transend Rewards and Amazing Prizes

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6F50/55 Solenoid Body

Dave talks about the 6F50/55 Solenoid Body as well as important reminders to document the strategy numbers prior to installing the unit. This part D124420A is available at

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transend Rewards is Here!

When you buy transmission and driveline parts at you can earn points towards amazing rewards with the transend Rewards program. Activate your account today at

Cleaning Greasy Hands and Stains in Your Shop

Dave shows the “Never Seize Challenge” and shows how or line of degreaser towels can help clean your hands of any of the greases or lubricants you encounter in your shop. Find these products and more at