Transend from Transtar Helps You Find the Right Parts

Learn how Transend can help save you time and money when looking for transmission and driveline parts. Our large network of locations and distribution centers allows you to find the right parts and get them when you need them. Visit to get started today.

Choosing the Right Converter Hub

Dave is here today to tell you why choosing the right converter hub can make the difference between a successful repair and one that will end up coming back. Find parts and more at

Tip for Finding Transmission Leaks

Dave talks about a trick he learned a while back on how a common household item can be used to accurately find where your transmission is leaking from, saving you time and money. Visit us at htttps:// or

Transtar – Helps Your Business

Learn how Transend from Transtar can help your shop save time and money as well as help simplify your complex vehicle repairs. You can also earn points for your transend purchases. Visit htps:// to learn more.