Cleaning Greasy Hands and Stains in Your Shop

Dave shows the “Never Seize Challenge” and shows how or line of degreaser towels can help clean your hands of any of the greases or lubricants you encounter in your shop. Find these products here and more at

Keeping Your Shop and Customer’s Vehicle Clean

Dave talks about a variety of products to keep your customer’s vehicle, your shop, and your employees clean, safe, and disinfected. The products include interior vehicle covers, disinfecting sprays, and hand sanitizer gels. These products and more are available at

OE Fluids from Transtar

Dave is here to talk about how fluids just don’t get enough attention. Transtar has added more OE-type fluids due to the proliferation of brand/model-specific formulations. We also have a full line of multi-vehicle Transtar branded transmission fluids. #transmission

Find these products and more at

Changing Hybrid Batteries Safely

Dave explains safety precautions and the PPE necessary to safely change out Hybrid Batteries. The batteries and the PPE are all available at

Torque Converter Basics

Dave explains the history of torque converters and a brief overview of how a torque converter works and how a torque converter can fail. Dave also showcases the brands and models available at

The Complete Transmission Lookup Tool

What transmission are you working on? With the Complete Transmission Lookup Tool, you can look up your transmission and find the drop-in replacement for your repair.

Use the Complete Transmission Lookup Tool.