The RAP2 Kit: Remote Assisted Programming

Transtar is proud to offer the industry’s leading Remote Assisted Programming Kit from Drew Technologies, the RAP2 Kit. Updated programming is more important for today’s vehicle repairs. Now you can flash vehicles in your shop quickly and accurately without the costs of an outside mobile programmer, subscription services, or getting the vehicle to a dealership.

RAP2 Kit from Transtar

Register for Your RAP2 Kit Here

The RAP team has remotely assisted transmission repair, automotive repair & collision technicians, successfully programming thousands of vehicles. The process is as easy as a few simple steps:

    1. Charge the RAP2 Kit by plugging it into an AC outlet.

    1. Call 1-844-REFLASH to schedule your appointment.

    1. Connect jumper cables from the RAP battery maintainer to the battery.

    1. Prior to the appointment return call, plug in the RAP2 to the OBD-II (ALDL) connector.

    1. Turn on your kit to verify that the vehicle connection is made.

    1. The technician will do the work.

Common Diagnostic Codes Identified with the RAP2:

    • Transmission Control Module & TEHCM

    • Power Control Module

    • Engine Control Module

    • Transfer Case Control Module

    • Body Control Module

    • Anti-Lock Braking System

    • Fuel Injection Pump Control

    • Power Steering Control Module

    • Ignition Control Module

    • Electronic Brake Control Module

    • Airbag

    • Passive Anti-Theft System

Find parts for these repairs and more today at transend.

The RAP®2 Kit includes:

    • A Windows Tablet PC for fast processing

    • An additional hard drive allows for future expansion as new OE’s are added

    • The same trusted J2534 device found in the original RAP®

    • 4G Modem for fast wireless internet access
        • Includes an additional $20 shipping per kit

    • Subscription to Diagnostic Network included

    • OEM subscriptions

    • A 90–amp battery maintainer capable of handling European amperage requirements. 

RAP®2 Kit European Accessory Kit

Required for BMW/Mercedes

    • Ethernet connection (100’ cable & adapter): for more stable and faster programming

    • Special BMW cable: for certain BMW vehicles

    • Metal Screws: to swap out existing screws with plastic ends for repeatability.

What does RAP®2 Kit Cost?

    • The Kit itself is FREE of charge.

    • $49.95/month + the price of each vehicle flash

    • Shipping is not included

RAP®2 is rented for $49.95 per month. However, if you flash two or more times each month we will waive the rental fee for that month and you are only charged for each flash.

You no longer need to hassle with purchasing and maintaining expensive tools. We will remotely maintain and update the kit as capabilities and updates are released.


Programming Fee

Calibration Check Fee


$  149.00

$    50.00


$  149.00

$    50.00


$  149.00

$    50.00


$  149.00

$    50.00


$  149.00

$    50.00


$  179.00

$    80.00


$  194.00

$    95.00

Our Customer Guarantee

If a remote programming event fails, we will use any means available to repair the vehicle, provided these conditions have been met: 

    • The ECU that is being installed must be New or OE Reconditioned. Used ECUs will not be guaranteed.

    • You must follow the instructions of the remote technician.

    • There can be no other inherent problems with the vehicle, such as faulty ground connection or an aftermarket accessory that is interfering.  In such case, you will be responsible for the cost to rectify the problem.

    • Our guarantee is not offered for salvage, rebuilt, flood, or total loss vehicles.


    • Finish each job correctly

    • Keep the vehicle in your shop instead of having to send it out to a dealership.

    • Avoid the time-consuming matter of calling in a remote programmer.

    • Increase your shop’s profits with this additional service.

    • Increase customer satisfaction with total service.


How do I get a Remote Assisted Programming Kit?

You can complete the RAP2 Registration Form here.

Am I able to exchange an old Rap kit for a RAP2?

Yes, but first complete the RAP2 Registration Form here. After that you can call 1-877-888-2534 and select option 5. Make sure that you have your serial number. When you receive your new RAP2 you can put the old kit in the box and ship it back to Drew Technologies within 24 hours.

Domestic Applications

Hard-wired internet connection is REQUIRED.
– If you need an ethernet cable and a USB to ethernet adapter, have your RAP Kit Serial Number available and contact Drew Technologies @ 844-REFLASH.
– For all immobilizer security functions, the 4-digit security PIN is needed. Contact your local dealer for this code.

All Models:
– 1996 to 2003: ECM/PCM/TCM updating only. No module replacements.
– 2008 and newer: All module updates and replacements.

Dakota /Concorde /Intrepid /300M
– 1996 – 2004: ECM/PCM/TCM updating only. No module replacements.
– 2005 and newer: All module updates and replacements.

Ram /Liberty /Neon /PT Cruiser /Grand Cherokee – 1996 – 2005: ECM/PCM/TCM updating only. No module replacements.
– 2005 and newer: All module updates and replacements.

Pacifica /Sebring /Stratus /Wrangler /Viper – 1996 – 2006: ECM/PCM/TCM updating only. No module replacements.
– 2007 and newer: All module updates and replacements.

Caravan /Voyager /Town & Country /Caliber
– 1996 – 2007: ECM/PCM/TCM updating only. No module replacements.
– 2008 and newer: All module updates and replacements.

2006 and newer: Support for 5.9L Cummins updates that require VIN-write. Vehicles on CAN network ONLY.

Sprinter Van: See Mercedes.

Crossfire: See Mercedes.

General Motors
– 2001 and newer (some exceptions) updating & replacement.
– 2001 and newer updating & security functions that are supported by the GM Service Programming System.
– Module/system examples: ECM, TCM, PCM, ABS, BCM, EBCM, HVAC, ICM, SDM, TCCM, Keys, Fast Learn, etc.
– Module configuration, setup, and security functions for all modules supported by GM Tech2Win.
– Module configuration, setup, and security functions for all modules supported by GM GDS2
– J2534 module programming, key programming and associated configuration, setup and security functions: $125.00 each for GM and Ford Vehicles and $190.00 for Chrysler Vehicles.
– Module calibration check: $40.00 each for GM and Ford Vehicles and $50.00 for Chrysler Vehicles.

Foreign Applications

– Requires RAP2 European Accessory Kit Learn More
– 1999 and newer, All Models: Emission module updating & replacement
– 2002 and newer, All Models: All Body and Chassis module updating & replacement
– All Infotainment ECUs (SAT NAV/RADIO/AMPLIFIER/CD/DVD) Coding Only. No module updating or replacement.
– All Bluetooth / Telephone ECUs. Coding Only. No module updating or replacement.
Click HERE for more Chassis-specific exceptions

– 2007 and newer existing module updating only.
– Key Programming: Coming soon!.
– Module/system examples: ECM, TCM, PCM.
– J2534 module updating: $125.00 each.

– 2005+ ECM/TCM Updates Only

– 2005+ ECM/TCM Updates Only

– Requires RAP2 European Accessory Kit Learn More
– 2004 and newer engine and transmissions, TCM updating and replacement programming
– Old TCM must be available and communicating (must remain installed and Drewtech will direct customer when to swap out).
– Excludes the CVT transmissions and the early 112/113 engines with engine control units ME2.8.
– Used and re-manufactured modules not permitted.

Updated TCM Support!
– RE0F08B (JF009E) CVT1 module updating & replacement
– RE0F10A (JF011E) CVT2 module updating & replacement
– RE0F10B (JF011E) CVT2 (Turbo) module updating & replacement
– RE0F09B (JF010E) CVT3 module updating & replacement
– RE0F11A (JF015E) CVT7 module updating & replacement
– 2004 and newer powertrain (ECM/TCM) module updating.
– 2005 and newer powertrain (ECM/TCM) module replacement.
– 2005 and newer rear-wheel drive (RWD) valve body programming.
Nissan Valve Body/Transmission Programming:
– Due to the time required for these services, scheduling this service must be done prior to 3:30pm EST.
– Call to schedule earlier in the day to ensure same-day service!
– Module/system examples: ECM, TCM, PCM.
– J2534 module updating, programming & RWD valve body: $125.00 each.
– Module calibration check: $40.00 each.

– 2001 and newer.
– New module programming. Used and re-manufactured modules are not permitted at this time.
– Existing module updates.
– Module/system examples: ECM, TCM, PCM, BCM, etc.
– J2534 module programming, key programming, and associated configuration, setup, and security functions: $125.00 each.
– Module calibration check: $40.00 each.

How can I return a RAP kit?

For Returns, you have three options:

  1. $20 for a return tag from Drew Tech.
  2. It’s $30 for a return tag and pickup call scheduled by Drew Tech.
  3. If you’d like to send it back yourself, please do the following:

Please send to:

7322 Newman Blvd.
Dexter, MI 48130

Call 1-877-888-2534 and select option 3.

No special documents are needed.

Do I need to add fluid to a transmission before programming with the RAP2 Kit?

Yes! Completing the full programming procedure requires us to work on the transmission. While a unit without fluid won’t adversely affect the programming itself, it will affect the set-up procedures that we need to do to finish the process.

Am I able to program modules beyond the TCM?

Yes! Our RAP Kit allows you to program modules and systems that extend beyond just Transmission Control Modules!

CLICK HERE to view a full list of the programming capabilities of the RAP Kit.

I was put on hold when I called for my appointment. What does that mean?

Below are various scenarios and how to handle these events should you need

Active: (Account current/Valid Payment method on file): appointments can be made without any payment restrictions.
Inactive (Updated CC needed for Account, i.e.: CC on file is no longer valid/open charge(s) on Account): appointments can be scheduled, but a CC is required at the time of service to update the account and process open payments. Service will not be provided if the customer does not provide a CC.

Appointment Scheduling / Fulfillment:
Scheduling: Customer is advised at time of scheduling an appointment that a CC will be required at time of service.
Fulfillment: Customer is required to provide a CC at time of appointment for service.
– If the customer provides an updated/valid CC, the appointment service proceeds.
– If the customer cannot provide an updated/valid CC, the appointment is either:
– Cancelled and customer is directed to schedule a new appointment when they have a CC available.
– Customer can contact RAP billing later and update the CC on file and reschedule the appt, 734-222-5228 x 752

Inactive (60+ Days Past Due)): appointments cannot be scheduled until account payment information is updated and delinquent payments are made whole. Customer is forwarded or may contact RAP Billing, 734-222-5228 x 752, for resolution.

Account on Hold-Contact Distributor (hold placed by Transtar): appointments cannot be scheduled until Drew Tech is notified, by Transtar, to activate the account. Customer is advised to contact their Transtar representative.

Honda is Now Charging a License Fee to Access i-HDS Software as of 8/1/21

Honda is now charging a License Fee when any party accesses the Honda i-HDS software for diagnostics, OEM scanning, ADAS calibration, or flash programming. The license fee is $45 per VIN, which includes 30 days of use on that specific vehicle.

Transtar/Opus IVS will pass the $45 charge from Honda through to customers at cost whenever incurred on the following services:

  • Honda RAP Programming/Flash
  • Honda RAP Flash Availability Check
  • Honda  ADAS Calibrations
  • Honda IVS 360 Support service (only when Honda i-HDS is needed)

This i-HDS license fee will go into effect for all services performed on or after August 1, 2021.

Programming fees for Honda as of 8/1/21 will be – $170
Calibration checks for Honda as of 8/1/21 will be – $85


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