RevMax Torque Converter RV-CR7202X-S4B
  • RevMax Torque Converter RV-CR7202X-S4B

RevMaxTorque ConverterPart #: RV-CR7202X-S4B

$1,069.83 $500.00 Core
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Description & Specs

Dodge, Mopar, Ram 68RFE Torque Converter, RevMax, triple disc, billet cover, ultra low stall, 6.7L, 2007-2016, features 550 horspower and 1,100 ft. lbs. torque rating, billet lockup piston, HP spring dampener, CNC machined stator, patented HP sprag retain

Torque Converter; Reman, 1200 RPM Stall Speed, Billet Multi Disc, Billet Cover, Billet Stator Caps, Welded and Furnace Brazed Fins, Rated For 500 Horsepower and 1, 000 ft. lbs. torque, Rated For up To 10K lbs towing, Stage 1, Diesel Performance


Name Years
68RFE2007 - 2019

Vehicle Fitment

Years Vehicle Drive Types
2007 - 2010Dodge Ram 3500RWD, 4WD
2007 - 2010Dodge Ram 2500RWD, 4WD
2011 - 2019Ram 3500RWD, 4WD
2011 - 2019Ram 2500RWD, 4WD