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Superior Transmission Parts Valve A95496

Superior Transmission Parts Valve

Part #: A95496
Cooler Flow Control
6R60, 6R80, 6R75
Original Equipment Cooler Line Fitting D74996B

Original Equipment Cooler Line Fitting

Part #: D74996B
1/4x18; Push-In; Horizontal
4T65-AWD, 4L60-E, 4L80-E, 4T65-E-HD/MN7, 4L80-E-HD/MN8, 4T65-E, 4L65-E, 4T45-E, 4T40-E, 4T65-E-HD, 4L85-E, 4L70-E, 4L60-E-HD, 4T65-EV, 4T65-EV-GT
Transtar Cooler Line Fitting 34996EA

Transtar Cooler Line Fitting

Part #: 34996EA
1/4x18; Push-In with Tube; Rear
4L60-E, 4L80-E, 4L80-E-HD/MN8, 4L65-E, 4L85-E, 4L60-E-HD
fitzall Cooler Line Fitting T22996A

fitzall Cooler Line Fitting

Part #: T22996A
3/8" Push-In Type
A518 (46RH), A500
Transtec Cooler Line Component 74496A

Transtec Cooler Line Component

Part #: 74496A
Clip For 3/8" Push-In Type Cooler Fittings
4T65-AWD, 4L60-E, 4L80-E, 4T60-E, 4T65-E-HD/MN7, 4L80-E-HD/MN8, THM-R2/MT1, 4T65-E, 4T65-E-HD, 4L85-E, 4L70-E, 62TE, 4L60-E-HD, 62TEA, 4T65-EV, 4T65-EV-GT
fitzall Cooler Line Fitting D22996C

fitzall Cooler Line Fitting

Part #: D22996C
Flare; 1/2" Tubing
46RE, 47RE, A518 (46RH), 46RH, 48RE, 47RH
Original Equipment Cooler Line Fitting D84996B

Original Equipment Cooler Line Fitting

Part #: D84996B
9/16X18; Short Type; Push-In; Horizontal
4T65-AWD, 4T65-E-HD/MN7, 4T65-E, 4T65-E-HD, 4T65-EV, 4T65-EV-GT
Hayden Automotive Rubber Hose M460E

Hayden Automotive Rubber Hose

Part #: M460E
Oil Cooler Replacement Hose, 1/2" x 12'
3L30, 03-72LE, MX1, AW50AWD, AW55-50SN, AW55, 30-80LE, AW30-40LE, AW372, AW50-42LE, AW70, AW71, BW35, BW55, T12, T35, A404 (30TH), A413 (31TH), A470 (31TH), A670, A604 (41TE), F4A51, A727, A727 (36RH), A904 (30RH), A94-1, A998 (31RH), A999 (32RH), 42RE, 42RH, 42RLE, 44RE, 45RFE, 46RE, 47RE, 545RFE, A518 (46RH), E4OD, THM400, 4T65-AWD, TH200, THM180, THM200-4R, THM350, 4L30-E, 4L60-E, 4L80-E, 4T60-E, JF403E, THM700-R4, 5L40-E, MDWA, MPJA, F4A-EL, L4N71B, E4N71B, F3A, F3A21-2, F3A22, KM170-0, KM170-1, KM170-2, KM171-1, KM171-2, KM171-5 (F3A21-2), KM172-0, KM172-5 (F3A22-A), KM175-1, F4A21-2, F4A22-2, F4A23-2, F4A32, F4A33, F4A33-1, F4A42, KM175-5, KM175-5 (F4A22-2), KM176-5, KM176-5 (F4A21-2), KM177-8 (F4A23-2), W4A32-1, W4A33-1, F5A51, JM600, A340H, A44DL, 3N71B, A340E, A45DL, MB3, MJ3, AR4, TB40, TS40, T63T, T71T, T81M, T81T, T81X, T81Z, TA86, TX86, TA102, TZ102, TZ1A2, A40, A43D, 010, 4HP-18FL, 4HP18, ZF4HP14, 4HP-22, ZF22, 087, AW72, 5R55N, 6HP26, 03-75, 03-55, 03-56, 03-70, 03-72L, 42LE, 4T80-E, 5L50-E, 41TE, 1000/M74, 4F27E, 4F50N, AX4N, AX4S, AXOD, CD4E, C3, C4, C5, C6, FMX, 4R100, 4R44E, 4R55E, 4R70W, A4LD, AOD, AOD-E, AODE-W, 5R44E, 5R55E, 5R55W, 4T65-E-HD/MN7, THM125/M34, THM440/4T60/ME9, TH200/M16, THM200/M29, THM200C/MV9, THM250C/M31, THM325/M32, THM350C, THM375/M39, THM425, THM475/M40, 4L80-E-HD/MN8, THM-R2/MT1, THM325-4L/M57, THM700-R4/4L60/MD8, ATX, 4EAT-F, 4EAT-G, 4EAT-GF, F4E-III, IF4E (F-Type), 4F20E, THM180C/MD2, M60, 41AE, 31TH, A904, A500, 03-72, KM171-0, MS7, M4VA, MHTA, MLYA, AB, AC-1, AD, AE, AF, AJ-3, AK, AM-1, AM-3, AW, A0YA, A24A, A4RA, A6VA, APX4, APXA, AS, B0YA, B46A, B4RA, B6VA, B7TA, B7VA, B7XA, BAXA, BDRA, BMXA, BYBA, CA, F4, K4, L4, L5, M1WA, M24A, M4RA, M4TA, M5DA, M5HA, M6HA, M7ZA, MAXA, MDLA, MDMA, ML4A, MP0A, MP1A, MP7A, MPRA, MPSA, MPWA, MPXA, MPYA, MPZA, P1, PL5X, PX4B, PY8A, R0, S24A, S4XA, S5, SKWA, SLXA, SP7A, B7WA, M7WA, MGFA, MGHA, MRMA, MR9A, AW4, 46RH, 32RH, 30RH, 36RH, 31RH, 5R55S, TorqShift, MP6, MP7, X15F-PTC/M16, AF23/M43, AODE-E, AXOD-E, L3N71B, RE4F03A, RE4F03B, RE4F03V, RE4F04A, RE4F04V, RL4F03A, RE4R01A, RE4R03A, RL3F01A, RN3F01A, RE4F02A, RE4F02V, RL4F02A, RL4F03V, RL4R01A, A540E, A541E, U140E, U140F, A343F, P111, A130L, A131L, A132L, A55, A55F, A140E, A140L, A141E, A240E, A240L, A241E, A241H, A241L, A242L, A243L, A244E, A245E, A246E, A247E, A540H, U240E, U241E, U340E, U341E, U341F, A30, A41, A340F, A40D, A42DL, A43DE, A43DL, A440F, A442F, A44D, A45DF, A46DE, A46DF, KM177, AW372L, 01L, 01V, 090, 01M, 096, 098, 003, 09G, 095, 01P, RMQ, A750F, F4A51-2, KM171-5, F4A42-2, W4A42-2, F4A42-1, KM177-8, F4A22-3, F4A41-1, U151E, 4N71B, RE4R01, RE0F09A, RE5R05A, 09A, S4RA, MY8A, MRVA, MCVA, BCLA, BAYA, MCLA, SZCA, SLYA, BZKA, MZKA, THM125C, BVGA, 4T65-E, G4A-EL, G4A-HL, GF4A-EL, R4A-EL, N4A-HL, 5F31J, 4L65-E, 09D, 09L, U151F, 4T45-E, 4T40-E, 4T65-E-HD, NAG1, 1000, A750E, TZ1B5, 4L85-E, MJ7, MJ8, U5A51-7, F4A4B-4, W4A4B-4, 40TE-AE, 41TE-AE, 4R75W, AF33, TG5C7, TV1A4, TV1B5, TZ1B4, TZ1B7, BDKA, MJBA, BDGA, MCTA, 40TE, 48RE, F21, MURA, MKZA, GPPA, MKYA, GPLA, BGRA, F4A5A-4, W4A5A-4, F4A4B-1, U250E, AW55-51, V5A51-7, BGHA, 47RH, MDKA, BJFA, 6L80, 4L70-E, 5R110W, 6R60, CFT30, FNR5, SPSA, SPCA, BVLA, THM325-4L, W5A580, TV1B4, F5A5A-4, W5A380, A760E, 09M, AWF21, KM-148-4, CVT2, SMMA, U660E, 62TE, TZ10K, TZ1A3, TZ1A4, KM146-1, KM148-2, U241F, 21A4, 3T40, AT542, KM148-6, 4L60-E-HD, AS68RC, BWEA, MNZA, PGRA, 6T70, 40TES, 41TES, BYFA, 6L45, 6L50, MZHA, MZJA, 4R75E, BDHA, 6T75, 6L90, AB60F, AB60E, F1CJA, W5J400, TZ1B8, TV1B8, TG5D7, 6T40, RE0F10A, RE0F09B, RE0F01H, B90A, B97A, M91A, BZHA, BZJA, 68RFE, RE4F04B, RE5F22A, AF17, F6AJA, W6AJA, 62TEA, AW81-40LE, MM7A, 6F50, 2ML70, 4T65-EV, SP5A, W1CJA, BK3A, BK4A, AW6AEL, 6R80, U660F, U760E, FS5A-EL, A4CF2, 6F35, A5SR1, 6HP19, A760F, A5CF2, 6T45, P311, 6F55, MM2A, TG5D8, BBSA, BBTA, MT4A, M7PA, A6MF1, 4R70E, Tiptronic, A6MF2, A6LF2, RE7R01A, A343E, AF40-6, 6R140, FN4A-EL, PSFA, BT3A, 02E, P79A, GR6, TC-SST, PV1A, MV2A, U760F, 0C8, A20, A323, A466, AT218, Auto-Stick, DG200, Dual-Path, DynaFlow, Flight-Pitch, Fluid Drive, FX, Hy-Drive, Hydramatic, Jetaway 315, L3N71A, M-4, M-5, M-6, MX, MX-TD, Powerglide, Roto-Hydramatic 240, Roto-Hydramatic 375, Super Turbine 300, T41, Truck-o-Matic, TurboGlide, 8HP90, A6MF2H, A6GF1, M8EA, MMGA, MMHA, BRZA, SY0A, A8LR1, 6T30, TR580, M8SA, FS6A-EL, 31-03, 65RFE, B1JA, B5SA, B5RA, M5LA, M5MA, P510, 6R75, B8CA, B8BA, P313, TX6A, 66RFE, 6F24, AW 80-40LE, M9DA, S9FA, 6T50, 446, 8HP70, 8HP45, 6L80-E HD, 6L80-EHD, MYC, DGJ, Tremec, 6R, NAAO6R80, L40D, 443, NAAO 6R80, HMD X22 PTU, HMD X22F, MH2, W5A580 545RFE, FN5, Sport, Sportronic, CVT, DSG, Sport Shift, FW6A-EL, HF35, RE0F11A, RE0F10E, BC5A, BB7A, BJ1A, BY9A, BZ0A, 0CG, 6F-55, AS69RC, M9RA, TR690, PN3A, PN4A, FW6AX-EL, 948TE, D6GF1, A4AF3, F1CJB, 845RE, AY6A-EL, AY6AX-EL, SJ6A-EL, RE0F02H, AS66RC, RE0F10D, MGG, M3WC, CVT7, 9HP48, AW55-50/51SN, TF-80SC AWD, AW50/51 AWD, TF-80SC, TL-80SN, RE4F03C, TG5D9, MM5E, MZ2A, GTAA, GCCA, PJ7A, PJ8A, A6MF2-1, 6R80E, 4T65-EV-GT, RE0F10H, AW55-51 AWD, 8L90, 0D9, PYRA, MDSA, Q5J4, M9TF, F1CJC, W1CJC, BLKA, BLJA, RE0F10J, MYA, 6L80-E, DEC, DFE, Q5L9, A6MF1-1, TH58A, W5A330, DA1-C635, V5A51, F4AC1, 850RE, A5GF1, EVT AHS-T, DPS6, A4CF1, AW30-40LS, P310, LJ4A-EL, RE0F10B, RE0F08A, VT25-E, RE0F08B, 4T45-E Hybrid
Sonnax Cooler Line Component S12996AK

Sonnax Cooler Line Component

Part #: S12996AK
Kit To Fix Cracked Case; 1/4" Pipe Fitting; Includes Tap and 5 adapters
A727, A727 (36RH), A904 (30RH), A998 (31RH), A999 (32RH), 42RE, 42RH, 44RE, 46RE, 47RE, A518 (46RH), A500, 46RH, 32RH, 30RH, 36RH, 31RH, 48RE, 47RH
fitzall Cooler Line Fitting T22996B

fitzall Cooler Line Fitting

Part #: T22996B
1/2" to 1/4" NPT (Chrysler Large)
Sonnax Valve Kit S36996A-5K

Sonnax Valve Kit

Part #: S36996A-5K
Thermal Cooler Bypass
E4OD, 4R100
Original Equipment Cooler Line Fitting 86996H

Original Equipment Cooler Line Fitting

Part #: 86996H
Cooler Push-In 3/8" Line, 1/4" Pipe; Quick Connect 20mm Wrench Size with Clip Groove
fitzall Cooler Line Fitting T76996

fitzall Cooler Line Fitting

Part #: T76996
Cooler Push-In 5/16" Line, 1/4" Pipe; 18mm
4R70W, AOD, AOD-E, AODE-W, AODE-E, 4R75W, 4R75E, 4R70E
AC Delco Cooler Line Fitting D121996

AC Delco Cooler Line Fitting

Part #: D121996
Push-In; 0.750" 16UNF Thread
1000/M74, 1000
Hayden Automotive Cooler Line Fitting OC-397

Hayden Automotive Cooler Line Fitting

Part #: OC-397
0.37" Width, 0.750" Outer Diameter, 1.9" Height, Round Connector
THM400, THM200-4R, 4L30-E, 4L60-E, 4L80-E, 4T60-E, 5L40-E, 4T80-E, 5L50-E, 1000/M74, 4T65-E-HD/MN7, THM440/4T60/ME9, 4L80-E-HD/MN8, THM700-R4/4L60/MD8, THM125C, 4T65-E, 4L65-E, 4T45-E, 4T40-E, 4T65-E-HD, NAG1, 1000, 4L85-E, AF33, 6L80, 4L70-E, W5A580, 62TE, 4L60-E-HD, 6T70, 40TES, 6L45, 6L50, 6T75, 6L90, 6T40, AW81-40LE, 2ML70, 6T45, AF40-6, 6T50, 8HP70, 8HP45, 6L80-E HD, 6L80-EHD, 6T80, 845RE, MGG, TL-80SN, 8L90, MYA, 6L80-E, 4T45-E Hybrid
fitzall Cooler Line Fitting T86996

fitzall Cooler Line Fitting

Part #: T86996
Cooler Push-In 5/16" Line, 1/4" Pipe