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AC Delco Bell Housing/Pump Body D104750B

AC Delco Bell Housing/Pump Body

Part #: D104750B
Cast # 24248033, Replaces Cast # 24236121, 24239892, 24248034, 24239952, Rotor Kit Not Included
6L80, 6L90
Mopar Extension Housing D22770GA

Mopar Extension Housing

Part #: D22770GA
Cast # 44577
Mopar Case D72760B

Mopar Case

Part #: D72760B
Cast # 52119564, 6.250" Top Bolt, Starter at 3:00
AC Delco Extension Housing D121770BA

AC Delco Extension Housing

Part #: D121770BA
Updated with added Webbings
1000/M74, 1000
American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc Housing 742D421A

American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc Housing

Part #: 742D421A
THM400, 4L60-E, 4L80-E, 1000/M74, 4L80-E-HD/MN8, THM700-R4/4L60/MD8, 4L65-E, 1000, 4L85-E, 6L80, 4L70-E, 3L80, 4L60-E-HD, 6L90, 2ML70, 6L80-E HD, 6L80-EHD, 8L90, 6L80-E
Original Equipment Cooler Bypass Tube D36999D

Original Equipment Cooler Bypass Tube

Part #: D36999D
2 Ports, Straight Front Fitting, Includes Bolts & Washers
Mopar Oil Pan D72765A

Mopar Oil Pan

Part #: D72765A
3.625" Deep
45RFE, 545RFE, 68RFE
fitzall Detent Cable 54450U

fitzall Detent Cable

Part #: 54450U
23" to 44" Outer Conduit, 54" Wire; Universal Style
4L60-E, THM700-R4, THM700-R4/4L60/MD8, 4L65-E, 4L60-E-HD
Transtar Housing 742D421

Transtar Housing

Part #: 742D421
THM400, 4L60-E, 4L80-E, THM700-R4/4L60/MD8, 4L65-E, 4L85-E, 6L80, 4L70-E, 3L80, 4L60-E-HD, 6L90, 2ML70
Transtar Speedometer Housing A44774

Transtar Speedometer Housing

Part #: A44774
.875" Steel; Bullet
THM350, THM250C/M31, THM350C
Mopar Oil Pan D162765

Mopar Oil Pan

Part #: D162765
fitzall Detent Cable T54450C

fitzall Detent Cable

Part #: T54450C
39.5" Outer Conduit, 48" Wire; OE Style
TH200, THM200-4R, THM700-R4, THM200/M29, THM200C/MV9, THM700-R4/4L60/MD8
Remanufactured Cover Kit R48759K

Remanufactured Cover Kit

Part #: R48759K
Rear; Universal
4F27E, FN4A-EL
Transtar Oil Pan A22765B

Transtar Oil Pan

Part #: A22765B
3.150" Deep
A727, A727 (36RH), 46RE, 47RE, A518 (46RH), 46RH, 36RH, 48RE, 47RH
Transtar Case Saver A74761D

Transtar Case Saver

Part #: A74761D
Center Support, Wide Sprag Type
THM350, 4L60-E, THM700-R4, THM350C, THM700-R4/4L60/MD8, 4L65-E, 4L70-E, 4L60-E-HD
fitzall Detent Cable 44450U

fitzall Detent Cable

Part #: 44450U
23" to 39" Outer Conduit, 48" Wire; Universal Style
THM400, TH200, THM350, TH200/M16, THM200/M29, THM200C/MV9, THM250C/M31, THM350C, 3L80