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Are you looking for Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)? We have the right fluids to help you finish the job in your shop. We carry a large selection of Transtar-branded transmission fluids, which include Allison Certified fluids, as well as OE transmission fluids: Mopar, ACDelco, ZF, Idemitsu, and Lubegard. Whether you want to finish one job or stock up on transmission fluid there are multiple sizes available including quarts, 2.5 gallons, and 55-gallon drums of transmission fluid.

With transend, you can always find the right transmission fluid for your job. That is because you can search for the exact parts that fit your vehicle when you search for your transmission by VIN, License Plate, or Year/Make/Model/Engine. You can even remove and replace full transmissions with the Complete Transmission Lookup Tool.

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Differential Fluids

Transtar branded differential fluid

If you find you are working on a rear differential in your shop, you are also going to need a steady supply of differential fluid, also known as gear oil. We carry our own Transtar branded synthetic gear lubricants that are made with premium quality synthetic base oils and additives.

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Allison Certified Transmission Fluid

Allison transmission certification logo

Allison Certified Fluids are designed for high performance to meet the demands of commercial heavy-duty automatic transmissions. Our Transtar TES-295 Allison Certified Transmission Fluid works for customers that demand the highest quality fluids. This fluid can also be used on any application that is still under factory warranty.

You can find M465TES in either 1-gallon or 2.5-gallon sizes. We also offer M465AL in 1-gallon and 2.5-gallon sizes. You can see the chart below for all of the applications of these Transtar branded Allison fluids.

AllisonAllison C-4
AllisonAllison TES-295
AllisonAllison TES-389
AllisonAllison TES-389B
IsuzuIsuzu SCS
MANMAN 339 V-1
MANMAN 339 Z-1
Mercedes-BenzMB 236.1
Mercedes-BenzMB 236.2
Mercedes-BenzMB 236.3
Mercedes-BenzMB 236.5
Mercedes-BenzMB 236.6
Mercedes-BenzMB 236.7
Mercedes-BenzMB 236.81
Mercedes-BenzMB 236.9
Mercedes-BenzMB 236.91
Mercedes-BenzMB 236.10
VoithVoith H55.6335
VolvoVolvo 97341
VolvoVolvo 97340
ZFZF TE-ML 11 (3 and 4 speeds)

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  • A fully synthetic formulation for enhanced performance and protection.
  • High oxidation resistance and thermal stability.
  • Excellent anti-wear protection.
  • Contains advanced technology friction modifiers for smooth shifting.
  • Higher viscosity for applications that may require extra protection.
  • Extended drain intervals.

Transtar Transmission Fluids

Transtar PartProductDescriptionQuart2.5 Gallon55 Gallon Drum
M465MVDEX3Special Blend DexIIIEquivalent to: Allison C4, DexII, III, IIIH, Mercon, TES-389B.
M465MVLVMulti-Vehicle, Low ViscosityEquivalent to: ATF-J3, DexVI, DW-1, ZF, Lifeguard 6, Lifeguard 8, Mercon LV
SP, SP IV, Matic-S, Type WS.
M465MVHVMulti-Vehicle, High ViscosityEquivalent to: Allison C4, ATF-J2, ATFII, ATFIII, ATF+4, ATF+3, DexII, DexIII, F-1, M-III, M-5, Matic D, Matic J, Matic K, Matic W, Mercon, Mercon V, SP, SP-II, SP-III, T-IV, TES-389B, Type D-II, Type T, Type T-III, Type T-IV, Z-1.
M465MVCVTMulti-Vehicle, CVT FluidEquivalent to: AMMIX CVT/CVTF-DFE, CVTF-FE, CVT Green-1, CVT Green-2, CVT
Green-4, CVT-J1, CVTF-J4, CVTF-TC, CVTF 3320, CVT+4, DEX CVT, ECVT, EZL799, HCF2/Z-1, HMMF, iCVT, iCVT FG, JWS 3320, NS-1, NS-2, NS-3, SP-III (CVT).

OE Fluids and Other Brands

ManufacturerTranstar PartDescription
AC DelcoM465AUTOTRAKTransfer Case Fluid
AC DelcoM465DEXULVUltra Low Viscosity for GM 10 Speeds
AC Delco10-9394AC Delco DexVI
AC Delco10-9395AC Delco DexVI (5-Gallon)
IdemitsuM465HZ1Honda Z-1
IdemitsuM465HCF2Honda CVT H2
IdemitsuM465M5Mazda M5
IdemitsuM465DW1Honda DW-1
IdemitsuM465NCVTNissan CVT-N
IdemitsuM465NDNissan Matic
IdemitsuM465SHPSubaru HP
IdemitsuM465HK4Hyundai/Kia HK4
IdemitsuM465T-VIToyota TLS (T-IV)
IdemitsuM465SB2-1Subaru CVT SB2 Type
IdemitsuM465TWSToyota WS
IdemitsuM465SHPSubaru HP Type
IdemitsuM465SP-IIIHyundai/Kia SP-III
IdemitsuM465TLSFEToyota CVT TLS FE
Mobil 1M465-104804Synthetic ATF (DexIII/Mercon)
Mobil 1M465-104446Gear Oil 75w90
Mobil 1M465-108957Gear Oil 75w140
MoparM465-P4Chrysler ATF+4
MoparM465BA18 & 9 Speed Fluid
MoparM465-ASRCMopar AS68RC/AS69RC Fluid
MoparM465PCVTMopar CVT Fluid
ZFM465ZF5-1ZF 5 Lifeguard (Liter)
ZFM465ZF6-1ZF 6 Lifeguard (Liter)
ZFM465ZF8-1ZF 8 Lifeguard (Liter)
FordM465F10-1Mercon LV
FordM465MERVMercon V
FordM465QULV-1Ford ULV

Lubegard ATF Fluids, Supplements, and Additives

Transtar PartDescription
M465HALubegard Instant Shudder Fix
M465TFLubegard Complete Full Synthetic ATF
M465CVTBLubegard Complete Full Synthetic CVT
M465CVTRCLubegard CVT Recharge/Protectant
M465DCTLubegard Complete Full Synthetic DCT
M465BLubegard Black ATF Supplement Friction Modifier
M465LLubegard Red ATF Supplement/Protectant
M465GLubegard Gear Oil Supplement (Manual Trans) (Quart)
M465LPLubegard Platinum Universal Friction Modifier
M465LMVLubegard Green ATF Supplement (FORD)
M465KEDr. Tranny Kool-it Evap/Heater Cleaner
M465TBLubegard Assemblee Goo (Blue)
M465TGLubegard Assemblee Goo (Green)
M465PLubegard Power Steering Fluid
M465APLubeguard Aluminum Protectant
M465DCTLubegard Posi/Limited Slip Supplement
M465XL3Ford Stop Chatter
M465XL16Ford Additive for 6R80/6R140

Transtar Cleaning Products

Transtar PartDescription
M470DG128CTranstar 1-Gallon Concentrate. This product is ideal for a variety of jobs and can be used full strength or diluted.
M470DG32RTranstar 32-Ounce Spray. Pre-diluted product for quick and precise cleaning.
M470MPT75Transtar Cleaning Towels. These dual-surface towels have an abrasive and
smooth side. The pop-up canister is perfect at the repair bench for quick