Torque Converters

If you have ever worked on an automatic transmission, then you know that the torque converter is the heart of the automatic transmission keeping your vehicle running efficiently. Start searching for the torque converter that fits your vehicle by VIN, License Plate, or YMME. When it comes to the right unit for your job, without a doubt we offer the best brands of torque converters in the industry such as:

  • RECON Certified by Transtar
  • Consolidated Vehicle Converters
  • ProTorque Performance
Recon certified Consolidated Vehicle Converters and Pro Torque Performance Logos

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RECON Certified Torque Converters

We rebuild our RECON Certifed Torque Converters to the highest quality standards. The warranty covers manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for 4-years, 100,000-miles. Our unmatched 5-step remanufacturing process ensures quality with the precision of computers and the experience of engineers.

recon certified torque converter
  1. Media Blast – First, we thoroughly clean all components.
  2. CNC Lathes – Components are matched exactly for the most consistent quality in the industry.
  3. Internal Parts – We replace as well as upgrade critical parts.
  4. OE Digital Weld– OEM factory welding machines and technology ensure a true converter free of leaks and inner contamination. We reduce welding slag 10x by using digital welding equipment,
  5. Optical Testing & Final Inspection– Finally, we use computerized certification and serialization.

Consolidated Vehicle Converters (CVC)

consolidated vehicle converters (CVC) logo

Expect the best with CVC. They specialize in remanufacturing reliable and affordable sealed torque converters.s. CVC is among the most popular in the industry. Their unique process combines the skillful experience of bench craftsman with the industrial engineering production line for quality assurance.

All CVC Torque Converters are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months after purchase.

ProTorque Performance

pro torque performance logo

On transend, we offer custom-built performance torque converters from industry-leading manufacturer ProTorque Performance. Racing fans will get a rush from the quality of the product, as well as the speed of delivery.

ProTorque’s distinction as one of the most popular builders of customer performance torque converters is due to their unrivaled technology and their ability to accurately match the correct unit for the application.