Integrate Transend with PartsTech

PartsTech connects repair shops with online parts catalogs and ordering platforms like Transend. When you integrate your PartsTech account with Transend you get access to the global distribution network as well as access to thousands of transmission, driveline, and air conditioning parts for the exact vehicle you are working on in your shop.

Steps to Integrate PartsTech with Transend

Step 1: Navigate to the My Suppliers Tab & Click “+Add parts supplier” If you are already logged in to your PartsTech Account you can just click here to get to your “My Suppliers ” tab.

Click on the “+ Add parts supplier” button to open the supplier map. You can search for suppliers by zip code or by supplier name. If you need help searching for and adding new suppliers to your PartsTech account click here to see our help guide.

partstech transend step 1

Step 2: Use the Search Bar and Search for “Transtar” and Click the “+” Button to Add Transtar to your account.

partstech transend step 2

Step 3: Enter Your Wholesale Account Information In order to connect your supplier to PartsTech, you’ll need to enter your wholesale account information For Transtar you’ll need to enter the info you use to log in to :

  • Transend Username
  • Transend Password

Click ‘Submit” and You Should See an “Approved” Icon If Your Credentials Are Correct.

partstech transend step 3

To download a PDF of the instructions on how to integrate PartsTech with Transend click here.