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LuK Clutch Kit L07233

LuK Clutch Kit

Part #: L07233
Must Use Special Tool T-DPSCAC To Remove And Install, Includes Modular Clutch Set, Release Bearing, Clutch System Hardware
BorgWarner Band B74020AH

BorgWarner Band

Part #: B74020AH
Intermediate; Hi-Energy Lining
4L60-E, THM700-R4, THM700-R4/4L60/MD8, 4L65-E, 4L70-E, 4L60-E-HD
Recon Torque Converter FM69

Recon Torque Converter

Part #: FM69
Core: $25.00
Remanufactured, 12.732" Body Diameter, Milled 2 Flats Stepped Hub Type, 4 Mounts, Threaded Studs, Oval Pads Mount Type, 11.375" Bolt Circle, 1.375" Pilot Outside Diameter, No Ring Gear, High Stall, 31 Turbine Splines, Lock-Up
E4OD, 4R70W, AOD-E, 4R75W, 4R75E, 4R70E
BorgWarner Sprag A74658B

BorgWarner Sprag

Part #: A74658B
Forward Clutch; Metal Cage, 29 Element, (Replaces 28 Element)
4L60-E, THM700-R4, THM700-R4/4L60/MD8, 4L65-E, 4L70-E, 4L60-E-HD
Dorman TEHCM A104420C

Dorman TEHCM

Part #: A104420C
Core: $200.00
Confirm OEM Part Number Before Purchasing; OE:24257213, 24259639, 24259835, 24275873
6L80, 6L45, 6L50, 6L90
Transtar Master Kit, with Friction, without Steels 124004BP

Transtar Master Kit, with Friction, without Steels

Part #: 124004BP
with Bonded Pistons
6T70, 6T75
Robert Bosch Solenoid Block D46420B

Robert Bosch Solenoid Block

Part #: D46420B
5R55W, 5R55S
TransGo Valve Kit T104741QK

TransGo Valve Kit

Part #: T104741QK
Valve Clutch Select & Torque Converter Clutch; TCC; Regulator Valves; Can Use With T104165
6L80, 6L45, 6L50, 6L90, GA6-L45R, 6L80-E
Transtar Master Kit, with Friction, without Steels 74004ED

Transtar Master Kit, with Friction, without Steels

Part #: 74004ED
with Pistons, Cork Pan Gasket
4L60-E, 4L65-E, 4L60-E-HD
AC Delco Torque Converter DGM10405

AC Delco Torque Converter

Part #: DGM10405
Core: $150.00
Remanufactured, 12.5" Body Diameter, Slotted Stepped Hub Type, 3 Mounts, Stepped Pads Mount Type, 11" Bolt Circle, 1.701" Pilot Outside Diameter, No Ring Gear, JMBX, 24236469, 24239789, 24245964, 24243221 Sticker Codes, Low Stall, 36 Turbine Splines, Lock-Up
6L80, 6L45, 6L90, 6L80-E HD, 6L80-EHD
Mopar Sensor D72415

Mopar Sensor

Part #: D72415
Line Pressure Transducer
45RFE, 545RFE, 68RFE, 65RFE, 66RFE
Mopar Drum Kit D132557AAK

Mopar Drum Kit

Part #: D132557AAK
Compound Low, Non- Rotational Ring Type, Includes OH Kit, Filter, Bypass Valve, Planet Nut, Steel and Frictions
62TE, 62TEA
Transtar Transmission Fluid M465MVLV

Transtar Transmission Fluid

Part #: M465MVLV
32 oz.; Low Viscosity; ATF-J3; Dexron VI; DW-1; Matic-S; Mercon LV; SP-IV; SPH-IV; WS; FZ; ZF6; ZF8
3L30, 03-72LE, MX1, THM400, THM200-4R, THM350, 4L30-E, 4L60-E, 4L80-E, 4T60-E, 5L40-E, Tiptronic S, 6HP26, 4T80-E, 5L50-E, 1000/M74, 4F27E, 4R70W, 4T65-E-HD/MN7, THM125/M34, THM440/4T60/ME9, TH200/M16, THM200/M29, THM200C/MV9, THM250C/M31, THM325/M32, THM350C, THM475/M40, 4L80-E-HD/MN8, THM-R2/MT1, THM325-4L/M57, THM700-R4/4L60/MD8, THM180C/MD2, M60, 722.6, TorqShift, U140F, U241E, U340E, U341E, 01L, 09G, A750F, U151E, RE5R05A, MZKA, THM125C, 4T65-E, 4L65-E, 09L, U151F, 4T45-E, 4T40-E, 4T65-E-HD, 09E, A6HP19Z, A6HP26Z, NAG1, 1000, A761E, A750E, 4L85-E, MJ7, MJ8, 4R75W, AF33, F21, 722.9, U250E, 6L80, 4L70-E, 5R110W, 6R60, SPCA, GA6F21WA, THM325-4L, GA6HP26Z, GA6HP19Z, W5A380, A960E, A760H, A760E, AWF21, U660E, 3T40, 4L60-E-HD, BWEA, MNZA, 6T70, 6L45, 6L50, MZHA, MZJA, AA80E, 4R75E, 6T75, 6L90, AB60F, AB60E, F1CJA, 6T40, B90A, B97A, M91A, BZHA, BZJA, F6AJA, W6AJA, GA6-L45R, JR711E, 6F50, TB-60N, 2ML70, 6HP28, SP5A, W1CJA, BK3A, BK4A, 6R80, U660F, U760E, 0B6, 6F35, 6HP19, P410, A760F, 6T45, P311, 6F55, MM2A, GA8HP90Z, GA8HP70Z, BBSA, BBTA, GA7AHSCD, MT4A, M7PA, A6MF1, Tiptronic, A6MF2, A6LF2, RE7R01A, GA8HP45Z, A343E, AF40-6, A6LF1, 6R140, PSFA, BT3A, 02E, P79A, 0BK, PV1A, MV2A, U760F, 0C8, 0AT, 4ET50, 8HP90, A6MF2H, A6GF1, M8EA, MMGA, MMHA, BRZA, A8TR1, A8LR1, RE7R01H, 6T30, M8SA, FS6A-EL, P314, 65RFE, B1JA, B5SA, B5RA, M5LA, M5MA, P510, 6R75, B8CA, B8BA, L110, P313, TX6A, 6F24, M9DA, 6T50, 8HP70, 8HP45, Steptronic, 6HP26 S, 6L80-E HD, DGJ, ZF6HP28, 7G-TRONIC, CVT, FW6A-EL, HF35, GA8HP70H, BB7A, BJ1A, BY9A, BZ0A, 6F-55, M9RA, ZF-8HP70, PN3A, PN4A, FW6AX-EL, ZF 8HP70, 6T80, AA81E, 948TE, RE7R01B, 724.206, 845RE, AW60T, 9HP48, TF-80SC, TL-80SN, MZ2A, PJ7A, PJ8A, A6MF2-1, 8L90, PYRA, Q5J4, M9TF, F1CJC, W1CJC, U661E, U661F, D7UF1, Q5NB, Q5NC, DEC, 5ET50, DFE, EW6A-EL, EW6AX-EL, PLWA, PLXA, Q410, 8L45, AF50-8, Q5L9, A6MF1-1, CW6A-EL, AC60E, AC60F, AA80F, L110F, AE80F, U881F, U881E, 6T35, 8P75XPH, 722.901, P610, 722.55, 8HP75, 8HP50, GW6A-EL, GW6AX-EL, A6GF1-2, A6MF2-2, 8F50, M8HF, PF4A, PF5A, A6MF1-2, 724.204, 6R100, Drivelogic, A8TR1-1, GA8HP50Z, GA8HP75Z, 9T50, A8LF1, UA80E, UA80F, SI-EVT, GA8F22AW, GA6F21AW, 0D5, L310, AGA0E, 9T45, 9T65, 10L80, F21-250, P710, UB80E, MWVF, 9T60, A8LR1-1, AGA0F, L310F, 850RE, Q5NZ, 6F15, EVT AHS-T, 8HP95, GA8HP95HZ, 0BW, AW30-40LS, P310, 724.295, Q5LX, Q5DH, CVT250, A8MF1, 8F35, Q5EY, Q5EZ, 8F24, HF45, 722.666, 4T45-E Hybrid
Transtar Drum A76555D

Transtar Drum

Part #: A76555D
Direct; 6 Clutch; Stamped Steel; 34T Steels
4R70W, AOD-E, AODE-W, AODE-E, 4R75W, 4R75E, 4R70E
Transtar Master Kit, with Friction, without Steels 72004C

Transtar Master Kit, with Friction, without Steels

Part #: 72004C
with Pistons
AC Delco Drum Kit D104554AK

AC Delco Drum Kit

Part #: D104554AK
Forward & Direct, 1-2-3-4 & 3-5/Reverse, 8-5/16" OD, 4.555" Tall, Updated; Includes Pistons, Frictions, Steels