Integrate Transend and Mitchell1 Manager SE

Mitchell1’s automotive shop management system allows you to integrate with Transend’s extensive catalog of transmission, driveline, and air conditioning parts that fit the vehicle you are working on. You will also have access to Transtar’s national network of distributors to give you the parts you need quickly and accurately.

Steps to Integrate Mitchell1 and Transend

Step 1: Select the Configurations tab on the top of the home page. Scroll down to the Special Maintenance tab, and select Toggle Catalog Availability.
Note: You must be on the home page to set up the catalog.

mitchell1 transend step 1

Step 2: A list of active catalogs will appear. Click the Transend switch to On to make it available. Click Save.

mitchell1 transend step 2

Step 3: Return to the Configurations tab and select Vendor Setup.

mitchell1 transend step 3

Step 4: Here is where you will add vendor credentials to link with the Transend catalog. Click Add.

mitchell1 transend step 4

Step 5: Enter the Code, Vendor Type, and Name. When you are finished, click Setup Link.

mitchell1 transend step 5

Step 6: Select Setup Transend Link, and click OK.

mitchell1 transend step 6

Step 7: The Transend Login page appears. Enter your username and password, and click Sign in. The link is now complete. Select OK to close all windows.

mitchell1 transend step 7

Step 8: Select W.I.P to view a repair order. Click the blue Transend button at the bottom of the screen to select products. From your cart, select Transfer to Mitchell1.
Select Parts Ordering to view the current availability and pricing of the products.

mitchell1 transend step 8

To download a PDF of the instructions on how to integrate Mitchell1 with Transend click here.